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Our Services

Anom Education focuses on providing quality professional services customized to students’ individual educational objectives. With our commitment to students’ success, we turn high school students into outstanding college candidates and responsible global citizens.
Professional Counselling

We conduct professional assessments based on three dimensions: personal interests and attributes, general skills and specific strengths, and professional qualifications.


We provide tutoring services for academic subjects in which our students require extra assistance. We help students to focus on solving specific problems and overcoming obstacles,  including language barriers, cultural gaps, lack of working knowledge of North American educational systems, etc.


We develop customized life roadmaps covering areas ranging from choosing suitable chools to career planning. We coach our students in building their individual capacity to leverage the skills needed to reach their goals during different life phases.


We provide social and emotional support through building a community network that most new immigrant students lack but definitely need. We connect our students with peers and mentors for positive influence and change. We coach our students in developing social skills that are vital for good teamwork and great leadership.

Why Choose Anom Education?

Next to your house, your child’s education is the biggest investment you will ever make.

Research shows that success in college is the single most important factor in securing a successful career. It is one of life’s most important stages because the job competition platform has totally changed. Higher education is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Employment changes in thousands, 1990-2009, Canada

For many parents, the pressure-filled decision-making process concerning their child’s future education and career direction can be extremely stressful. For new immigrant families, the challenge of facing the increasingly complex and competitive college admissions process and making the right decisions without professional assistance can be especially daunting.

At this critical time in your child’s life, our experts are readily available to provide professional education counselling and tutoring customized to your child’s personal needs. Our bilingual services combined with our expertise and individual attention will make an enormous difference in the quality of your child’s future education and life.

At Anom Education, our staff is equipped with abundant knowledge of college and university entrance requirements. We also hold a thorough understanding of the professional job market in which students will eventually enter. We turn high school students into outstanding college candidates, and have helped numerous students gain admission into the right school or program for them.We are fully committed to helping students reach their full scholastic potential.



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