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From Students and Parents

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My name is Daniel Zheng and I am 13 years old. I have studied at Anom Education for about one and a half years. During this time period I have attended three different courses: Shakespeare, Critical Thinking and Essay Writing. These three courses have all been extremely informative. All of the teachers are extremely dedicated to the subject that they are teaching and every class is well planned.


When students think of tutors, extremely dull classes involving a big package of notes to memorize pop into mind. On the contrary, classes at Anom Education are extremely engaging! In many of their classes, multiple activities are done so students are interested in what they are learning. Most importantly, almost every student who attends courses at Anom Education will be far ahead of their peers.


In conclusion, if anybody is considering taking classes at Anom Education, you are not making a mistake!

Daniel Zheng



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